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Welcome to Dallel, a professional comprehensive resource aimed at providing classified ads, directory listings, and news updates. Primarily focused towards the Middle East and North Africa, the businesses, updates, and listings available at Dallel are based on Middle Eastern countries.

Aim & Vision

-Our aim of establishing Dallel was simple: to create a single online resource for Middle East that assists consumers as well as businesses.
-Our vision is become the number one platform for consumers and businesses to go to when they require classified ads, useful listings, or latest news updates.


Connecting Companies and Customers Simultaneously

Customers can now easily find brands and businesses they might be looking for here at Dallel. Simply use the online site to search related options or browse through our directory to find relevant businesses and their information. They can also read reviews left by other customers to find a business that is reliable and reputable.

On the other hand, businesses and companies automatically gain the opportunity to reach out to more customers and be easy to find by consumers by having their listing or ad posted at Dallel. Your company, once it is listed with us, immediately becomes more exposed to the general public.


Easy, Simple, and Efficient

Dallel is designed in an optimized manner that is easy and simple to use for all users and efficient in its purpose. With everything neatly categorized and divided, people can easily find what they are looking for with us. We have set up Dallel to be easy to use and simple to browse.

All information available on Dallel – from business information to news updates – is reliable and sourced from authentic sources. We look to become an efficient and purposeful site for our users so we understand the importance of relevant updates and listings. Browse Dallel today to find what you’re looking for – be it a business, an opportunity to recognize customer wants, or news.


Dallel.com Team